Stay out of my kid’s cartoons, Christians!

My little guy has recently started watching a bit more TV (before you stone me, he takes breathing treatments that are about 20 minutes long, and it fills the time).  We’ve been watching a number of shows on PBS and another little-kids’ network, Qubo.

One of the Qubo shows is a silly sci-fi farce called 3-2-1 Penguins!  Simple premise – 2 kids have a toy spaceship and penguin dolls, and imagine adventures flying through the galaxy.  There’s always a nice message; yesterday’s show was about valuing people’s character more than their looks.  And there are a number of in-jokes for the parents.  So far, so good.

So imagine my surprise when, at the start of an episode, I overhear the little girl’s mother quoting the freaking Bible to her!  And then the show ends, and the two little kids are kneeling at their bedsides saying prayers that encapsulate the lesson of the show!

It’s not enough to keep us from watching, but seriously?!  You have to proselytize to children in a show about space-faring penguins?!   At least we’ve still got Dinosaur Train (with Dr. Scott the paleontologist) on PBS to inject a little reality.


11 Responses to Stay out of my kid’s cartoons, Christians!

  1. Nick says:

    Pretty scary but imagine the ridicule a network would receive if it broad casted that show with an episode about evolution. Next week there would probably be a law making it illegal to spread religious or scientific values on children’s networks. Perhaps atheists should broadcast commercials about atheism seeing as we dont find it much of a problem when corporations do so in order to profit off of the uneducated minds of children.

  2. That “321 Penguins” show annoyed me too. At first I had it mixed up with “Willa’s Wild Life”, because it also has penguins in it. So I figured no harm in my kid watching it. Then I saw the characters praying at the bedside at the end and thought “What’s going on here?”

    Months ago I wrote a message about it to the station via the URL they occasionally display:
    I never received a response.

  3. adfgg says:

    I also son watches qubo and I happen to wath it with him today and was shocked to see what they were doing in the end

  4. jamie says:

    Wow. If you don’t like it. Don’t watch. Some kids happen to be Christian and can relate to this. Did you ever think about that? If you want an Atheist show, go make one; just like these Christians made one.

  5. roman says:

    and u stay out of our books and schools and community atheists, , just because you think your the most perfect all knowing only my way, most intellectual people doesn’t mean everything will be your way! your not the only one paying taxes, I’m happy qubo has that show… they have my support

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  7. Diana says:

    Ha! I bet your child will GROW UP to be a Christian! What would you do if that happened? Would you hate on your own flesh and blood? And what IF your child’s faith saved you somewhere in your future? I think your child is born with the Holy Spirit. Good luck with that. Jesus still loves you anyway. Unconditional Love. It sounds like to thats what you need. To be loved. I love you. Be tolerant.

  8. Misty says:

    I just happened to stumble upon this article and decided to read the comments. Just wondered if anyone else noticed that the rudest comments came from those supporting Christianity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the intolerant people really are.

  9. Sadhatama Oba Mage

    Stay out of my kid’s cartoons, Christians! | Everyday Atheist

  10. Leslie Burch says:

    yeah, but in the flip side, this generation has a Crap load of brainwashing Atheist logic…from BARNEY to Land before Time, to Ice Age, To Dino train. And if you see the slightest thing about christianity? Youre pitching a fit? who cares what you think? youre also into LGBT brainwashing (which always surprises me because evolution wouldnt explain a gay man being born such as “natural” but an ERROR) you same atheist love to push Pro gay this Pro gay that upon kids, …this isnt about science. NOR about evolution. its about backing ANYTHING that is opposite of religion. so that means the atheists,/the lgbt/ the evolutionists…ANYTHING THEY SAY, you will accept it as facr…never once fact checking a SINGLE CLAIM from ANY of such groups. And your only rebuttal will be “well what can YOU prove of GOD?”-which doesnt justify your unwillingness to fact-check a guy standing right in front of you with a book in his hand telling you about evolution.

    I for one, now place the ball in YOUR court. NONE of you men can explain any of the crap you profess to call fact..AND THAT INCLUDES THE SCIENCE MEN YOU CLAIM TO FOLLOW…..

  11. Leslie Burch says:

    @misty its also funny how the atheists are always demanding that christians speak to them KIND AND LOVING, while they continue to post porn on christian facebook group pages, post images of christ being raped by gay men, post pictures of christians in the news and bashing them…BUT YOU DEMAND THE CHRISTIANS be peaceable to you!?!?! isnt that funny?

    Im looking at the Pro atheist show “dinosaur train”—talking about how they “find” bones all over the world…the truth is..they “find” bones that are in AMERICAN FRIENDLY locations…and those countries that are anti america? whatever THEY find are deemed to be fake all the time. Like those from China.

    You people wont bring ONE issue into this…money. everyone digging has to find bones or be defunded…MONEY is why you “find” things.

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