This wasn’t in my lease

So my office landlord knocks on my door the other day and informs me that he received some “mail” for me. He then smiles and proceeds to hand me this:

This bugs me for a few reasons:

1) I stopped writing letters to Santa a long time ago.  A letter from “God” doesn’t get me too jazzed.  Especially in office memo form.

2) This is the most trivial, shallow kind of theology around, what I call “bumper sticker Christianity.” In other words, typical for mainstream Christianity.

3) My landlord looks like a cross between Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein with a smattering of Jesus thrown in. How disappointing that someone so interesting believes such common, silly things.

4) I focus on the wonderful things present in my life right now every day, precisely because I DON’T believe a celestial father figure is looking over my shoulder and promising me treats if I behave like a good boy, or horrible eternal torture if I don’t.


4 Responses to This wasn’t in my lease

  1. Synonymous says:

    This does smack of “The Devil’s Advocate” to me, are you sure that you’re not taking it too seriously? I mean I’ve never heard of a mainstream Christian edict of “Stuff For God To Do” or SFGTD as an acronym, sounds like satire of WWJD.

    If this is actually a serious attempt at conversion, then OMFG does it FAIL!?

  2. Synonymous says:

    Okay, sorry to double post, but I WAS absolutely sure that this was a Devil’s advocate campaign to highlight the ignorance of Christians, but alas no, it’s just another REAL example of ignorant Christianity.

    I’ve already asked God for proof of his existence and world peace, also to stop killing innocent children. Nothing so far.

  3. Your “this must be a Poe” instinct is totally understandable. I’ve seen so much Christian “thought” that rises no higher than this, though, that I have to confess I didn’t even question its authenticity!

  4. Synonymous says:

    The dialogue box on that site actually sends emails to somebody who, I assume, reads them all. I sense mischief could be had! Like I say, I already asked God to bring about world peace, and to prove his existence, hypothetically you could ask for anything!

    Also, Poe’s Law is a great concept, if you haven’t already seen it, check out . A great example of the fuzzy line between parody and reality!

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